1. Installing the Connector

This connector is available by default and you do not need to install it.

2. Configuration

2.1. Account Configuration

To use this connector, you need to have a valid access key.

Account Configuration
Figure 1. Account Configuration

2.2. Languages

Google Translate uses standard language codes. Yet, you projects may use country-language codes (e.g. en-UK). Therefore, it is necessary to map your project (country-)language codes to simple language codes.

Languages Mapping
Figure 2. Languages

2.3. Short-Term Caching

To avoid repetetive translations in a single document, you can activate short term caching.

Regular Expressions
Figure 3. Regular Expressions

This feature will avoid translating identical phrases multiple times in a single document. This feature only covers plain text content.

2.4. Excluding non-translatable content

You can remove certain text patterns from translation, e.g. telephone numbers or emails. To make use of this, you can provide a list of regular expressions.

Regular Expressions
Figure 4. Regular Expressions
Regular expressions can be (very) tricky, so make sure you test them.