1. Installing the Connector

To install the connector, please install the FSM via FirstSpirit ServerManager.

Thereafter, you can open translationstudio’s configuration panel, navigate to custom connectors, click on the add button and choose the connector from the given list. Its configuration panel will open automatically.

2. Requirements

You will need an access key and projects to be used by translationstudio.

3. Configuration

3.1. Account Configuration

You have to provide valid credentials here.

Connection Configuration
Figure 1. Connection Configuration

If you are a crowdin enterprise customer, you have to update the API url and add your organisation name matching the pattern https://{organization_domain}.api.crowdin.com/api/v2.

Once you have entered a valid access key, you may either test the connection or load available Crowdin projects directly.

You need to load your Crowdin projects in order to proceed. You may reload them at any time.

3.2. Languages

Crowdin uses its own language code identifiers whereas FirstSpirit uses language abbreviations.

Consequently, you have to tell Crowdin which language id to use for a given FirstSpirit language.

Languages Codes
Figure 2. Languages and LCIs

Conveniently, you may click on the button Load Language Codes to automatically fetch all FirstSpirit languages actually in use and try to match it against the available Crowdin languages. Available Crowdin languages are shown in the text box at the right side.

3.3. Project Settings

In order to make Crowdin projects available to translationstudio, you have to create a new project by clicking on the button add.

Project Settings
Figure 3. Project Settings

The project created here will be made available to translationstudio’s language mappings.

Please do not forget to save your changes

4. How the Connector Works

The connector allows you to submit files for translations to Crowdin using the respective target project, monitor the translation progress as well as download translated documents and importing them into FirstSpirit automatically.

4.1. How Monitoring Works

The connector monitors the translation progress and downloads files once translation and proofreading have been completed.

If you upload a file into Crowdin manually, translationstudio will not be able to monitor the file’s progress sine its new ID is not known. For example, you might have downloaded a translatable XML file to check its content (and have it removed from the project). Thereafter, you may wish to upload the file again and have it translated. However, since the ID has changed, translationstudio will not be able to monitor this file.